The Beach of Veillon

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At only 500m from one of the most beautiful beaches in France


Le Veillon is not only a beautiful sandy beach. It is a large natural area made up of the beach, a dune almost 1 kilometer long, the Payré estuary which goes around this dune, cliffs but also a splendid forest of pines and holm oaks. You can find small hidden creeks with pebble strikes. Talmont-Saint-Hilaire is fortunate to have a generous and above all preserved nature. The Veillon beach, sculpted by the natural elements, will not be the same throughout the seasons.

The Payré estuary is a large natural area composed of salt marshes, fish marshes, classified oyster parks and dune massifs. Classified as a “Grand Ensemble Naturel”, it was designated in 2007 as the first remarkable site in the Vendée. This natural ensemble is of course protected under the protection zoning Natura 2000. However, guided tours are organized in groups.

The Bois du Veillon is one of the most beautiful holm oak and pine woods on the Atlantic coast. Our holidaymakers will therefore be immersed in a unique area in terms of biodiversity.

Also,since 2014, the Blue Flag label rewarding the quality of bathing water floats on the Veillon beach.

Lovers of relaxation, fishing, boating or walks in the heart of nature will find plenty to practice their favorite activities in the Veillon.

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location de vacances Vendée

A unique place


location de vacances Vendée